#10 – “Development” is a Verb

This is #10 in the series, “50 Ideas Worth Fighting For.” Development is an action. Like any effective action it requires insight and planning (reflection) to precede it but, at its core, development is about forward movement and progress. This is not to convey an image of “leaps and bounds” but of an active progressionContinue reading “#10 – “Development” is a Verb”

A Few Questions

If you stopped editing yourself, what would you say? When you are at your worst, what’s the fear behind that behavior? When you float outside yourself, tethered to nothing but possibility, what gives you that lift? You are at the edge of your seat, no facade to impress us, what got you there? You keepContinue reading “A Few Questions”

The Story Continues

A week ago I had the privilege of introducing “Storytelling for Career Success” to a group of young professionals who were generous enough to say “yes” to an invitation to test drive my new workshop. By their energetic participation they taught me what worked, what needed help and, most importantly, that what I shared withContinue reading “The Story Continues”

Every Superhero Has An Origin Story

Soon after I published my book, A More Daring Life, in early 2016 I was invited to take a daring new step of my own, teaching in the business school at Cal State University San Marcos. I had no idea what I was in for, no idea of the energy, enthusiasm and kindness of theContinue reading “Every Superhero Has An Origin Story”

Don’t wait for your company to hire you a coach

When I started my company in 2013 my first leadership coaching client was an individual who paid for it out of his own pocket. He knew it was the right time and he was willing to make an investment in his learning. I was inspired by that commitment and it still inspires me any timeContinue reading “Don’t wait for your company to hire you a coach”

You have 30 seconds. Go!

Who are you? What do you want to do? Why should I care about that? These questions are the backbone of any good “elevator pitch,” a brief statement of purposeful introduction that helps one person understand another person’s intentions. I teach a Business Professional Development course for undergraduate students and this week in class IContinue reading “You have 30 seconds. Go!”

Would that make you a better leader?

If you knew the core values of your team members, would that make you a better leader? If you understood the personality dynamics of your team members, would that make you a better leader? If you knew the defining strengths of your team members, would that make you a better leader? If you knew theContinue reading “Would that make you a better leader?”

Three Questions for the Weekend

It’s an enormous gift in my work – as teacher and coach – to learn from my students and clients. I am always interested in new approaches, fresh perspectives and just the help that allows me to get better at what I offer and how I offer it. A couple of weeks ago a clientContinue reading “Three Questions for the Weekend”

Just Do Something

A friend once complained that since he didn’t have time to do his “full” workout he wasn’t going to bother going to the gym. He knew that a quick walk around the block would make him feel better – would be a good use of the time he did have – but his benchmark forContinue reading “Just Do Something”

What You Already Know

My coaching clients, regularly and repeatedly, react with the same kind of understated agreement when I share the feedback I have gathered from their peers and colleagues. What they learn is no surprise. They are, in fact, underwhelmed by the process because it confirms what they already know. The privilege of my work is toContinue reading “What You Already Know”