#18 – Build Capability Before You Need It

This is #18 in the series, “50 Ideas Worth Fighting For.” Here’s another one that I like a lot. Since we know that nothing lasts forever, a healthy, necessary and realistic point of view for leaders to take is that whatever is working right now will not necessarily work next year. Rationally, we understand that.Continue reading “#18 – Build Capability Before You Need It”

What About the Other 19?

Yesterday, I wrote about the Business Roundtable’s newly released Statement on the Purpose of a Corporation, a declaration signed by 181 of its 200 member CEOs. Nineteen corporations decided not to sign on to a statement that broadens the purpose of a corporation from “shareholder primacy” to a “fundamental commitment” to all of their stakeholders.Continue reading “What About the Other 19?”

The Purpose of Business

Today, the Business Roundtable, a group of 200 CEO’s, announced that 181 of its members signed off on a new statement of the purpose of a corporation. This is a massive shift from the one-note philosophy of “shareholder primacy” to an approach that is reflective of a modern workforce – a modern society – thatContinue reading “The Purpose of Business”

The Curiosity of a Visitor

It is impossible to convey the experience of visiting this waterfall through a single photograph; through any photograph, for that matter. If you don’t hike the forest trail, if you don’t hear the first, distant thrum of the rushing stream, if you don’t reach into the cold water and brush your hand across the stones,Continue reading “The Curiosity of a Visitor”

Hiding in Plain Sight

“What is obscure we will eventually see; what is obvious usually takes a little longer.” {Edward R. Murrow} Your team is hiding in plain sight. They are there, you can see them, they are working…all true. But they are hiding, just the same. What they are hiding is the depth of their creativity, their energyContinue reading “Hiding in Plain Sight”

On Solid Ground

My friend and thought partner, Molly Davis, published a great piece on Monday in which she talks about the earth beneath our feet as the best source material we could ask for to live lives of hopeful expectation. She writes: “That sense of the solid ground upon which to stand is the place from which weContinue reading “On Solid Ground”

Another Set of Eyes

You can’t take care of what you can’t see. Call it a blind spot, call it being too close to the problem, but with only your eyes – and the limits of your perspective and the strength of your bias – you’re going to miss some vital information. If you’re cleaning a bathroom mirror thatContinue reading “Another Set of Eyes”

A Runner’s Mantra

This road that I’m running is not good or bad. It’s not right or wrong. It just is. And if I keep running I’ll be onto a new road very soon. …… This road that I’m running is not good or bad. It’s not right or wrong. It just is. And if I keep runningContinue reading “A Runner’s Mantra”

Unsaid and Undone

It matters to me to be good at things. Appearing competent is a hallmark of how I present myself to the world. And I am competent, very much so, in a lot of ways. And I’m not, really not, in a lot more ways. Competence matters so much to me that I have a frustratingContinue reading “Unsaid and Undone”