Poem for a Sunday Morning

At Nightfall {Ted Kooser} In feathers the color of dusk, a swallow, up under the shadowy eaves of the barn, weaves now, with skillful beak and chitter, one bright white feather into her nest to guide her flight home in the darkness. It has taken a hundred thousand years for a bird to learn thisContinue reading “Poem for a Sunday Morning”

Holding on (and letting go)

When I first published this piece in 2015 it was called “Holding.” Today, as I console myself with its message I have renamed it with a more appropriate title. I am a confounding blend of heartbroken and heart-full today, having said goodbye to my son who begins his college career in the coming days…his nextContinue reading “Holding on (and letting go)”

It’s Not Working

“When a paradigm no longer provides reliable guidance for how to live in the world, the most common response is to grab hold of it more firmly. As it dawns on us that we don’t know how things work – that it’s not working – we become more insistent that it has to work justContinue reading “It’s Not Working”

How to Be Invisible

There’s a lot to learn when you’re in transition. If you’re like me you don’t want to spend too much time actually learning it though, because well, you know, you’re in transition. And that alone is plenty awkward on plenty of days. I find that taking the stance of a dispassionate, objective observer of myContinue reading “How to Be Invisible”