“I would trade all the time I have spent over the decades reading best-selling leadership books for one hour with David Berry. He is that effective.” 

– Jeffrey Donahue, zoomMediaPlus, Inc.

I love to tell stories that get to the heart of change. Most often, those stories have to do with the many difficult lessons I have learned about accepting reality and learning what’s needed for the way forward.

Samuel Johnson said that “people need to be reminded more often than they need to be instructed.” My stories are offered to remind people of their inherent capacity for successful change and to encourage them to muster the resources to get on with it already!

Through traditional keynote talks as well as half and full day workshop settings, I challenge and inspire audiences to reflect, learn and apply their inherent “know how” to the challenges they face as participants and leaders in organizational life.

Please send your inquiries to david@rule13learning.com so we can begin discussing how to create an meaningful and powerful learning event for you and your team.

To get to know more about me and my style of speaking and presenting, there are two interviews available in the audio player to the right as well as the video samples above and below. Thanks so much for your interest!

“Padre Dam Municipal Water District was fortunate enough to connect with David Berry as we pursued initiatives to improve our workforce culture.  David brings exceptional knowledge in this arena along with a true talent for communicating effectively to audiences of all sizes.  David has become an important partner and friend to our agency.”

– Allen Carlisle, General Manager – Padre Dam

“David challenges leaders to engage, be authentically transparent, and embrace change. If you’re looking for a fresh, current leadership perspective David is that person.” 

– Brad Barnett, Callaway Golf Company

“David spoke for the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce a few weeks ago and received great reviews from our members. I had many members ask me if we could have a workshop in the future with him-that speaks volumes. I would highly recommend David to speak for any business or organization.” 

– Bev Jorgensen, Executive Director Dana Point Chamber of Commerce (formerly Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce)

“I engaged David to work with senior leaders in the federal government to share lessons learned and key frameworks that senior leaders can use in chaotic external environments. I found David to be incredibly polished in his work, from our pre-work together leading up to the session, and beyond.”

– Chris Hitch, Executive Education – UNC Chapel Hill

“David’s presentation would be an excellent kickoff for a management retreat or executive session. He left us feeling energized and more ready to step into the unknown with an open mind.” 

– Kay Christian, Interim Partners

“David absolutely delivered. Not only is David extremely accommodating and easy to work with in the planning phase, his ability to convey a message through personal stories really resonated with the entire group. If you are looking for someone to lead your team to open their perspective, David should be at the top of your list.” 

– Matt Cuevas, Cappa-Graham (DMC Network)

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