What Separates Us

You can change under duress, anyone can. We are human beings. We are built for adaptation in response to new stimuli. But can you change by choice, when you are sailing in ideal conditions, no choppy water to steal your attention? This is what separates us, the ability to see ahead, to calculate, to anticipateContinue reading “What Separates Us”

Leading From the True Self

The purpose of the true self is to keep us honest about playing as big as we can, fully living into our particular gifts. It knows that when we do so we are healthier, happier, and more energetically and generously connected to both self and others. That’s why the true self scares us so much.Continue reading “Leading From the True Self”

Your Best Work

Your best work is the work that emerges from the use of your natural, cultivated and refined strengths. I have learned to be good at all kinds of things in my life. I have adapted myself to many scenarios and found an ability to become successful in ways I wouldn’t normally expect to be. IContinue reading “Your Best Work”

Freedom from Fear

If not now, when? To speak up? To stand up? To take a chance? To risk? To love? To discover? To explore? To learn? To lead? To follow? To be known? To know others? To investigate? To stretch? To get dirty, messy, uncomfortable? To live with hopeful realism? We are living in an age ofContinue reading “Freedom from Fear”