Between Friends

A text exchange between friends \\ 10:45 AM \\ December 18, 2019 \\\ Friend: Checking in on you today – you keep crossing my mind. Wondering how your spirits are, and the sense of “darkness”? \\\ Me: Lovely timing… \\\ Friend: Crazy how that works \\\ Me: The thing about advent is that its aContinue reading “Between Friends”

A tug at the sleeve

It’s an idea, maybe just an impulse. It’s many strands or pieces, disparate at first, less so as they converge. It’s the maturation of a point of view, the solidification of a belief system, the coming into one’s own perspective. It’s a persistent knocking, invitational in tone. It’s the other side of the door, theContinue reading “A tug at the sleeve”

Silence Amidst the Noise

Above all, be alone with it all, a hiving off, a corner of silence amidst the noise, refuse to talk, even to yourself, and stay in this place until the current of the story is strong enough to float you out. {from Coleman’s Bed by David Whyte} The season of Advent has an exceptional qualityContinue reading “Silence Amidst the Noise”

Ready the Way

Shovel in the dirt the day after a storm. Saturated clay soil shot through with palm roots; not easy going. Finally, just enough amended space to receive five gallon trees and shrubs. I spread the mulch, kneeling down to smooth it around the thin trunks, damp and dirty jeans seasoned by direct contact. An actContinue reading “Ready the Way”