Not Done Yet

I’m not done yet. I’m not done becoming, growing, learning, discovering, adventuring. I’m not done becoming myself. I’m not done because there is no such thing. All together now: there is no such thing as being “done.” This is an unnerving, even frightening idea and it’s also an exhilarating one. It’s both unnerving and exhilarating becauseContinue reading “Not Done Yet”

The Consolation of Completion

I am a master of getting things done. Sometimes, it’s even stuff that has to do with my  growth, learning and development as a human being. I am a master of knocking out the dishes, wiping the counters clean, spinning over to the couch to fold the laundry. I am a master of getting thatContinue reading “The Consolation of Completion”

You Have to Let Go

There is no version of going forward, of growing toward the next best version of your work, your relationships or your self that does not require letting go. Getting “there” requires letting go of your hard-earned beliefs about “here.” Those beliefs once served you well, now they only stand in your way. Let them go.Continue reading “You Have to Let Go”

Actors in Our Own Becoming

Everyone is in the process of becoming. The deeply personal reality of that truth is that each of us has the agency to influence the course of that becoming. We operate along a spectrum, always deciding in small ways and large whether and how to embrace the discomfort of change at one end or theContinue reading “Actors in Our Own Becoming”