Learn to play, play to learn

Denise has been reacquainting herself with what it’s like to be a student. She’s started learning cello, taking two lessons a week. She loves the instrument as well as the chance to learn more about the student-teacher relationship. “As an adult you miss that sort of thing, a regular meeting with someone who’s helping youContinue reading “Learn to play, play to learn”

You do not have to be good

So says┬áMary Oliver. And releasing the demands of being “good” may provide the freedom you need to be yourself. To know how you are made, To know who you can turn to, To know what you need – what you want – to learn; This is how to live and how to lead a moreContinue reading “You do not have to be good”

How Many Times Have You Died?

“I don’t know exactly what happened to me after that car accident when my blood pressure dropped precipitously low, and in the end, I realized that it didn’t matter. I didn’t need to solve it or explain it. Maybe I died, maybe I didn’t. I just don’t know. What I do know for sure isContinue reading “How Many Times Have You Died?”