It’s never “just business”

Business is about people, first and foremost. Business is a deeply personal exercise in creativity, connection and collaboration in the name of something larger than ourselves. Business provides a landscape on which the full human experience is exercised and elaborated. And I think that’s why the default setting for so many business leaders remains transactional,Continue reading “It’s never “just business””

And we also got lucky

When you listen to a business leader describe their company’s success you will inevitably hear them discuss the clarity of their strategies and the quality of their execution. What you rarely hear them say is that they were also lucky and, by extension, opportunistic. The fundamental attribution error of success in business is the beliefContinue reading “And we also got lucky”

The Purpose of Business

Today, the Business Roundtable, a group of 200 CEO’s, announced that 181 of its members signed off on a new statement of the purpose of a corporation. This is a massive shift from the one-note philosophy of “shareholder primacy” to an approach that is reflective of a modern workforce – a modern society – thatContinue reading “The Purpose of Business”

Why is there no trash on the ground at Disneyland?

A number of years ago I participated in a customer service training at a Disneyland resort. The event included a behind the scenes tour of the facility, a chance to go where “regular” park goers don’t go and to learn a few secrets about the Magic Kingdom. One anecdote came up in the form ofContinue reading “Why is there no trash on the ground at Disneyland?”