Independence Day

What it takes to form a nation: Dedication to higher principles. Clarification of identity. Exploration of the unknown. Devotion to a cause. Consecration to learning. Sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice. And, what’s at stake: Freedom from tyranny. Independence of purpose, thought and action. Discovery of new frontiers. Becoming your own authority. What it takes to develop theContinue reading “Independence Day”

Why do you lead?

Yesterday, I shared the leadership profile I use with my clients including this essential question: Why do you lead? If I know why you lead I will be better equipped to follow you. I will know how to follow you. And I want to know how because that will make me – and you –Continue reading “Why do you lead?”

(Servant) Leadership Defined

This is not only a beautifully articulated definition of Servant Leadership but a clear and direct definition of “leadership,” period. Servant Leadership is a smart leadership approach with a moral imperative to lead for the sake of others. Great leaders model behaviors that equip and inspire others toward individual and community greatness. They do notContinue reading “(Servant) Leadership Defined”