Our obsession with rationality

“Hindsight 2070” is an initiative by Vox.com in which they asked 15 experts to answer this question: “What do we do now that will be considered unthinkable in 50 years?” One of those experts is Krista Tippett, the founder and leader of the On Being Project.┬áHer piece begins like this: “Our obsession with rationality willContinue reading “Our obsession with rationality”

Disproportionate Influence

If you are a leader, you have influence that is disproportionate to that of the people you lead. By definition, you have the responsibility to see and do that which is necessary to help your team members be successful. You are tasked with establishing a vision, providing resources, negotiating roadblocks, offering guidance, recognizing accomplishments andContinue reading “Disproportionate Influence”

Achievable Challenge

I started playing piano in early January. For the first month I did scales for 15 minutes a day to build up some strength and dexterity in my hands and fingers. But I didn’t decide to learn piano for the sake of scales so eventually I started messing around with some real songs. My daughterContinue reading “Achievable Challenge”

Hang Out With People Who Make You Better

I first played racquetball in high school and loved it right away. It’s intense, fast, highly competitive and an incredible workout. Less than a year later, not too far into my first semester of college, I befriended a guy who mentioned that he played racquetball and that there were courts on campus just a shortContinue reading “Hang Out With People Who Make You Better”

The Tyranny of “They”

There are many, many bright and thoughtful people who will be happy to tell you which path to follow. It’s much easier to play armchair quarterback with someone else’s life so opinions come freely and often. The tyranny of “they” afflicts us in two ways: First, it supports our reservations about declaring our path throughContinue reading “The Tyranny of “They””