A Week of Thanks: Day 2

I am thankful for my work. My day job allows me to interact with thoughtful professionals – leaders and team members – who are curious, energetic and determined. They are people who want to do good work for a cause they believe in. They want to learn and grow, challenging themselves to get better inContinue reading “A Week of Thanks: Day 2”

Playing My Part

As a professor, consultant and coach I am expected to be an expert. It’s a mantle I wear far too easily on many days. What are they paying me for, after all? The great tension in my work then – the tension that I work to resolve in each and every encounter – is toContinue reading “Playing My Part”

Repair or Replace?

Repair when most of what’s there is working as it should. Replace when most of what’s there is not. It’s expensive – time and money – to get this wrong if the subject is a home repair. It’s expensive – time, money, morale, productivity, loyalty – to get this wrong if the subject is aContinue reading “Repair or Replace?”