When Good Intentions Go to Waste

There’s an unopened container of mango salsa in our refrigerator. It’s been in there for a while. It must have gone bad by now. I imagine it seemed like a good idea in the store, that nicely packaged yellow and orange salsa quietly promising to complement some grilled salmon or brighten up a plain oldContinue reading “When Good Intentions Go to Waste”

What You Already Know

My coaching clients, regularly and repeatedly, react with the same kind of understated agreement when I share the feedback I have gathered from their peers and colleagues. What they learn is no surprise. They are, in fact, underwhelmed by the process because it confirms what they already know. The privilege of my work is toContinue reading “What You Already Know”

The Divided Brain

I am currently reading the book upon which this brief talk (one in the great “RSA Animate” series) is based. It is called “The Master and His Emissary: The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World” (by Iain McGilchrist) and it is utterly fascinating. It is a stretch read to be sure – for me at least –Continue reading “The Divided Brain”