The End of the Beginning

Fifty days from today is Sunday, March 22. Assuming all goes as planned and I have the opportunity to write a post each day between now and then, that will be the day on which I publish #1,000. Between 2007 and 2015 I wrote more than 300 posts. The following year I selected my favoritesContinue reading “The End of the Beginning”


Regardless of the years of experience, the degree of gravitas, the number of deals considered and consummated, companies built and ideas realized, a powerful leader is one who can sit with childlike patience and make every inquiry that comes to mind to satisfy their deep need to fully understand something new. This is not theContinue reading “Guileless”

You Get to Choose

You have a choice today: to lead with your competence, your position, your title, your sanctioned authority, or to lead with connection, your open heart, your curiosity, your earned authority. You have a choice today – a choice you have every day – and how you choose determines the culture of your workplace, the qualityContinue reading “You Get to Choose”

The Best of Both

I have a client whose expectation of his team is that they will do their jobs with exceptional skill while constantly striving to be even better human beings. There is no trade-off, no convenient acceptance of sub-par performance for a “really great guy” and no acceptance of toxic, or even stagnant behavior for someone whoContinue reading “The Best of Both”

Just Do Something

A friend once complained that since he didn’t have time to do his “full” workout he wasn’t going to bother going to the gym. He knew that a quick walk around the block would make him feel better – would be a good use of the time he did have – but his benchmark forContinue reading “Just Do Something”

Why do you lead?

Yesterday, I shared the leadership profile I use with my clients including this essential question: Why do you lead? If I know why you lead I will be better equipped to follow you. I will know how to follow you. And I want to know how because that will make me – and you –Continue reading “Why do you lead?”

Change One Word

Think about your job, your commitments, your responsibilities. Have all of that in mind? Now, say to yourself: “I have to do this.” Ok. How does that feel? Keep thinking about all of those things you do every day. Let’s replace one word and try it again. Say to yourself, “I get to do this.” What doContinue reading “Change One Word”