To Forget Oneself in Loving

“Fully alive people learn to go out of themselves in genuine caring and concern for others.” – John Powell, S.J. Today, I continue to explore John Powell’s “five essential steps into the fullness of life.” Part 3: To Forget Oneself in Loving You can’t love somebody wholeheartedly if you don’t love yourself. I did notContinue reading “To Forget Oneself in Loving”

I’m a Dog Walker

Wouldn’t it be great – and a little weird and maybe even fun – if you had to answer the question, “So, what do you do?” based on the most recent thing you’ve actually done? If I just cleaned the house, then I’m a house cleaner. If I just prepared for class, then I’m aContinue reading “I’m a Dog Walker”


I don’t pause often enough to reflect on, much less comment about, the importance of my marriage to the success of my business or, more importantly, the success of my life. While “success” is a subjective term, Theresa and I have done and will continue to do the work that helps us to live upContinue reading “Partnership”

Into Deep Water

Each one of us has a net in which we capture an understanding of ourselves. That net is strong, it can hold a lot. And testing that strength scares us so we don’t do it very often, if ever. Instead, we keep tossing our net in the shallow end of our experience, catching and re-catchingContinue reading “Into Deep Water”

Gold Inside

Do you know the story of the Buddhist monks who, in an effort to preserve a revered clay Buddha statue, accidentally broke it open and discovered it was made of gold? Do you know that the clay was meant to discourage an invading army from stealing the statue but that centuries later this information wasContinue reading “Gold Inside”

Do you still get nervous?

I’ve been performing or presenting in some form or fashion since I was 14 years old. In choirs, as a soloist, a trainer, facilitator, or speaker, I’ve been getting “on stage” for 35 years now. Once I while I’m asked, “Do you still get nervous?” My answer is always “Yes” and that answer is oftenContinue reading “Do you still get nervous?”

The Force Field

Change is coming. Actually, it’s here right now, with plenty more on the way. The people to your right and your left? You need them now more than ever, just as they need you. You can attempt to face the impact of change on your own. You can curl into a fetal position to ride outContinue reading “The Force Field”

A Few Questions

If you stopped editing yourself, what would you say? When you are at your worst, what’s the fear behind that behavior? When you float outside yourself, tethered to nothing but possibility, what gives you that lift? You are at the edge of your seat, no facade to impress us, what got you there? You keepContinue reading “A Few Questions”

It’s ok to say, “Yes!”

At the Crater Lake gift shop my daughter said, “Dad, do you like these socks?” “I do like those!,” I said. “Would you like me to buy them for you?” “No, honey, that’s ok. But thanks for offering.” But as I browsed the stickers I kept thinking about those cool green hiking socks she pickedContinue reading “It’s ok to say, “Yes!””


The following passage is by Dr. Barbara Holmes from her book, Joy Unspeakable. I read it earlier this week in Richard Rohr’s daily email and its precision brought me to a full stop. I offer a few comments and reflections in bold italics.  “The human task is threefold. First, the human spirit must connect to the eternalContinue reading “Threefold”