Grandpa’s Onions

At grandpa’s house, when you want onion rings with your hamburger, you start by walking out to the garden and pulling one from the ground. The best kind of vacation – the best kind of break – is one that reminds you of the clarifying power of elemental, fundamental things. The adventure of a roadContinue reading “Grandpa’s Onions”

The Pretense of Self Sufficiency

I like to fix things. I’m pretty good at it. I’m not a qualified auto mechanic or electrician by any stretch, but if you need your new TV setup or your phone reconnected or your files moved to the cloud, I’m a good guy to ask. I like being good at fixing these small thingsContinue reading “The Pretense of Self Sufficiency”

It’s hard to see under water

It’s hard to see when you’re under water. It’s hard to see under water because when you open your eyes it’s blurry and incomplete. There are forms and figures that are familiar but not quite themselves. Perception of distance is compromised, as is your confidence to move forward. Trying to see under water is aContinue reading “It’s hard to see under water”

More fun, please

It seems to me that the designer of this particular user interface had better options than this. Instead of “No one is invited” how about: “Who will you be meeting next?” or “Who’s on your invite list?” or “What are you waiting for? Make that call!” or “I can’t read your mind…who’s next?” or “ConnectionContinue reading “More fun, please”

The Story Continues

A week ago I had the privilege of introducing “Storytelling for Career Success” to a group of young professionals who were generous enough to say “yes” to an invitation to test drive my new workshop. By their energetic participation they taught me what worked, what needed help and, most importantly, that what I shared withContinue reading “The Story Continues”

The Boss

Lyft driver: You are a business person? Me: Yes. Driver: You are the boss? Me: No. Driver: When you came out I thought, “He is the boss.” Me: (knowing laugh) Is that because I look so serious? Driver: (kindly) No, no. Me: That’s ok. (In my head: It’s just the facade of competence and controlContinue reading “The Boss”

Any Given Day

On any given day… You can pay attention. You can notice what happens as you engage and are engaged by the people around you. You can shrink from them, rise to meet them, learn from them, absorb their discomfiting needs, discard their demands, invite them in. On any given day, you can also ignore. WhoeverContinue reading “Any Given Day”

Simplify the Story

“If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.” ― Albert Einstein I’m always tempted to make it more complicated than it is. There is only one reason that I am teaching storytelling to young professionals. I want them to understand – to physically experience and then embody – theContinue reading “Simplify the Story”

Why Stories Matter

“In the particular is contained the universal.” {James Joyce} We tell stories to create connection. We create connection because it builds trust. We build trust so that we can rely on one another. We rely on one another because we don’t – even on our most selfish, ego-bound days – want to go it alone.Continue reading “Why Stories Matter”

Boring, Predictable Humans

One of the most glaring mistakes of modern corporate leadership is the use of metrics to motivate performance. “Our vision for the coming year? To make a gajillion dollars!!” No. Do everyone a favor. Tell a story instead. Of course, we all want the gajillion dollars (and for it to be equitably and appropriately shared)Continue reading “Boring, Predictable Humans”