Quiet Power

When the power went off unexpectedly today, the washer and dryer stopped, the dishwasher cut short its cycle and the lights clicked off. The TV and its attachments were disabled, and there would be no charging of phones or computers for over four hours. Dinner plans were made, “Plan A” if the oven was functional,Continue reading “Quiet Power”

As You Like It

I attended college just about 100 miles north of my hometown, at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. Arriving on campus in 1988, I met my wife Theresa during those undergraduate years and we return to the area with our family a couple of times a year to visit our friends, also met and marriedContinue reading “As You Like It”

Soft Focus

When you hold a “soft focus” you trust what is in front of you to be as it is while leaving plenty of space for it to be otherwise. My work affords me the opportunity to be a mentor and coach to business professionals across the wonderfully wide spectrum of “just starting out” to “seasoned executive.”Continue reading “Soft Focus”

Not So Fast

A couple of million years ago our predecessors, Homo erectus, survived through hunting and gathering. About 350,000 years ago, give or take, Homo sapiens split off from Homo erectus and continued the hunter/gatherer model of subsistence, while slowly but surely evolving from a migratory to a stationary model. This marked, between 10,000 and 12,000 years ago, the beginningContinue reading “Not So Fast”

The Relief and Joy of Imperfection

I pray there is at least one person before whom you can be imperfect. I have several in my life, and they are such a relief and joy to be around. {Richard Rohr} Here in my 50th year, when the phrase “mid-life” can no longer be used with anything close to mathematical accuracy, I amContinue reading “The Relief and Joy of Imperfection”

Both Shattered and Made Whole

There is something extraordinary about witnessing someone’s vulnerability. To see, hear and feel another person summon the courage and the clarity to reveal themselves without artifice or ego, is raw in its truth and pure in its beauty. A friend revealed herself in this way not long ago and I remember feeling equal parts shattered,Continue reading “Both Shattered and Made Whole”


We are called to be larger than who we can imagine being in this moment. {Sr. Joan Brown} A threshold is a demarcation between the known and the unknown, an entry point to a new frontier. It’s not an easy place at which to stand as it represents a break from our familiar or orderedContinue reading “Thresholds”