The Illusion of Control

You’re at the beach, building a sand castle. You’ve strategically started to build where the water only comes to within 10 feet of your construction. You dig a nice deep moat to catch the rare, tidal surge but your site remains protected from the waves. You build higher and wider, packing muddy sand onto muddyContinue reading “The Illusion of Control”

It Can Be Done Another Way

I find it easy sometimes to get stuck on how something should be done versus how something can be done. Preferences for certain actions can blind us to the fact that a chosen behavior is indeed preferential and not the only option. We have some large palm trees in our front yard and occasionally a frond will snap and fallContinue reading “It Can Be Done Another Way”

It’s a Decision

Do you work within an organization, division, department or team that you would describe as valuing ‘competence’ over ‘connection’ by a wide margin? This is an environment that you might describe as static, procedural, technical or hierarchical far more than it is dynamic, connective, open and human-centered. You might even say that it’s an environmentContinue reading “It’s a Decision”

Back to Basics

I spent about four hours today applying a fresh coat of stain to our fence. I completed about 25% of the job. We have a lot of fencing and I’ll spend a good part of Sunday knocking out another big section. But today, what I felt with each pass of the brush, and as eachContinue reading “Back to Basics”