50 Ideas Worth Fighting For

I am happy to share the complete list of my “50 Ideas Fighting For,” that concluded today. I trust that these perspectives will be a valuable resource for you – a spark to inquiry and to conversation – and that you will pass them along to others who might benefit. I am thankful for yourContinue reading “50 Ideas Worth Fighting For”

#39 – The Real Conversation

Open. Authentic. Honest. Vulnerable. Expressive. Sometimes painful, always a catalyst for new learning. The real conversation is the one below the surface of the one that is familiar and comfortable. It is the one hinted at but only entered into when two people agree to ask the un-askable questions give the un-giveable answers. I amContinue reading “#39 – The Real Conversation”

Towards Aliveness

“Sometimes it takes darkness and the sweet confinement of your aloneness to learn anything or anyone that does not bring you alive is too small for you.” – from “Sweet Darkness” by David Whyte Move towards aliveness. As best you can, keep moving towards it. Resist the pull to the middle, miles from the edgeContinue reading “Towards Aliveness”

The Conversation You’re Not Having

The conversation you’re not having is the most important one you can have. It’s high stakes: deeply personal, risky, scary…an extraordinary testament to the terrifying power of the unknown. It creeps into your mind, inhabits your heart and stays in the middle of both for as long as you allow it. It is formed andContinue reading “The Conversation You’re Not Having”

Someone Else Will

If you don’t give them a chance to show what they can do, someone else will. If you don’t give them clear and comprehensive feedback about their performance, someone else will. If you don’t paint a compelling picture of the future, someone else will. If you don’t speak candidly about your own goals and challenges,Continue reading “Someone Else Will”

Follow the Breadcrumbs

Every time you speak and in every way that you act, you are telling us who you are, what you care about, how you are made. Consciously or not, you are always dropping a trail of breadcrumbs for yourself and others to follow that will lead to a deeper understanding of you. I didn’t realizeContinue reading “Follow the Breadcrumbs”

Experience vs. Improvement

You’ve got another year of experience under your belt. Are you also another year better at what you do? This is the question, the evaluation, that is so important at this time of year. Are you a better provider than you were a year ago? If so, by how much? How do you know? IfContinue reading “Experience vs. Improvement”

Take the path of vulnerability

I hand out an assignment to my class. There are a list of options from which to choose, one of which is “Emotional Intelligence.” Perusing the list a student raises his hand and asks, “Will you please tell me what ‘Emotional Intelligence” is? An act of vulnerability in service of learning. A friend says toContinue reading “Take the path of vulnerability”

Change at the Margin

At the edges, not at the center. That’s where real change begins. We work from the outside in, a series of small but potent actions in service of our highest aspirations: small gatherings of like-minded colleagues marked by a commitment to knowing the people for who they are, not just by what they do, briefContinue reading “Change at the Margin”

The Importance of Local

When I focus too much of my attention on global, national and even regional issues I am left feeling negative, overwhelmed and sometimes even heartbroken. When I focus more of attention on my local community, especially those sub-communities of which I am a part – family, church, workplace, client organizations – I feel challenged, energized,Continue reading “The Importance of Local”