Poem for a Sunday Morning

A Small Needful Fact {Ross Gay} Is that Eric Garner worked for some time for the Parks and Rec. Horticultural Department, which means, perhaps, that with his very large hands, perhaps, in all likelihood, he put gently into the earth some plants which, most likely, some of them, in all likelihood, continue to grow, continueContinue reading “Poem for a Sunday Morning”

I Got Knocked Down Again

I watched Brene Brown’s Netflix special, The Call to Courage, for a second time today and her call to get into the arena, to be willing to get knocked down – to embrace the certainty of getting knocked down – reminded me of a post I wrote last October. Here it is again, truer than ever.Continue reading “I Got Knocked Down Again”

Declare What You Want

Yes, you have to do good work and build a reputation that precedes you. Yes, you have to build a strong, vibrant network of people who want you to succeed and for whom you pay it forward. Yes, you have to stay humble, keenly self-aware and dedicated to continuous learning. All of those things, yes!Continue reading “Declare What You Want”

The Illusion of Control

You’re at the beach, building a sand castle. You’ve strategically started to build where the water only comes to within 10 feet of your construction. You dig a nice deep moat to catch the rare, tidal surge but your site remains protected from the waves. You build higher and wider, packing muddy sand onto muddyContinue reading “The Illusion of Control”

The Conversation You’re Not Having

The conversation you’re not having is the most important one you can have. It’s high stakes: deeply personal, risky, scary…an extraordinary testament to the terrifying power of the unknown. It creeps into your mind, inhabits your heart and stays in the middle of both for as long as you allow it. It is formed andContinue reading “The Conversation You’re Not Having”

Someone Else Will

If you don’t give them a chance to show what they can do, someone else will. If you don’t give them clear and comprehensive feedback about their performance, someone else will. If you don’t paint a compelling picture of the future, someone else will. If you don’t speak candidly about your own goals and challenges,Continue reading “Someone Else Will”

Better Questions for a Better Year

I meet with a small group of trusted friends – fellow travelers – once a month for the purpose of connection that surfaces learning and deepens insight. We create a space of mutual respect and loving friendship because we want to, most importantly, but also because our work as leaders, consultants, teachers and coaches demandsContinue reading “Better Questions for a Better Year”

Your Path

If the path ahead of you is clear, easy, unobstructed… you’re on somebody else’s path. Find your path. Live your life. DAVID BERRY is the author of “A More Daring Life: Finding Voice at the Crossroads of Change” and the founder of RULE13 Learning. He speaks and writes about the complexity of leading in a changing world.

Earning the Delight of Solitude

“Solitude is painful when one is young but delightful when one is more mature” — Albert Einstein It feels good to have more in common with Dr. Einstein than I realized. For years now I’ve been contemplating why it is that I am increasingly comfortable with and even possessive of my time alone. For aContinue reading “Earning the Delight of Solitude”