Regardless of the years of experience, the degree of gravitas, the number of deals considered and consummated, companies built and ideas realized, a powerful leader is one who can sit with childlike patience and make every inquiry that comes to mind to satisfy their deep need to fully understand something new. This is not theContinue reading “Guileless”

What to Say

The next time you are asked to give career advice to a young professional, please just provide them with this quote by the late, great James Michener: “We all worry about wasting time, about the years sliding past, about what we intend to do with our lives. We shouldn’t, for there is a divine irrelevanceContinue reading “What to Say”

The Curiosity of a Visitor

It is impossible to convey the experience of visiting this waterfall through a single photograph; through any photograph, for that matter. If you don’t hike the forest trail, if you don’t hear the first, distant thrum of the rushing stream, if you don’t reach into the cold water and brush your hand across the stones,Continue reading “The Curiosity of a Visitor”

How fascinating!

A fun and challenging test for you: For the next week, each and every time you screw something up – shatter a glass, miss a deadline, say a dumb thing, send the wrong information, miss your turnoff – shut down your regular critical voice of reaction and replace it with “How fascinating!” So, “Oh myContinue reading “How fascinating!”

There’s Room at the Table

In 1936 Dale Carnegie proposed that there are “six ways to get people to like you.” Here’s his list: Be genuinely interested in other people. Smile. Remember people’s names. Be a good listener. Talk in terms of other’s interests. Make people feel important and do it sincerely. – from How to Win Friends and Influence People NotContinue reading “There’s Room at the Table”

At the bottom of the stairs

I had some time between appointments this morning so I decided to head to the beach for a stroll. I haven’t had my toes in the sand for a while and on this beautiful October morning it seemed the perfect way to use the time. I arrived at a favorite spot and began the longContinue reading “At the bottom of the stairs”