Stone Circle

At the Earth Sanctuary on Whidbey Island there is a stone circle. It is a modern interpretation of the ancient structures that dot the northern European landscape, about which little of certainty is known. It’s safe to say they were communal structures that served to bind groups together as central gathering places for social rituals,Continue reading “Stone Circle”

Rethinking Organizational Intelligence

As a parent of three children I’m often amazed that three extraordinarily different human beings could come from the same source. In raising our kids – one now in college and the others in late middle school and early high school – we have been front row attendees in a crash course on the appreciationContinue reading “Rethinking Organizational Intelligence”

So Many Trees

There are so many kinds of trees. I recognized this week how few of them I can name. I can spot a redwood, or is that a sequoia? Of course I know a maple leaf (thank you, Canada). But a Japanese maple? And that Bay laurel? The leaf looks familiar, just not the whole tree.Continue reading “So Many Trees”