The Boss

Lyft driver: You are a business person? Me: Yes. Driver: You are the boss? Me: No. Driver: When you came out I thought, “He is the boss.” Me: (knowing laugh) Is that because I look so serious? Driver: (kindly) No, no. Me: That’s ok. (In my head: It’s just the facade of competence and controlContinue reading “The Boss”

Nothing to see here

I’ve got this neighbor who drives a truck and tows a trailer behind it. Both the truck and the trailer are consistently full of random stuff, making him a kind of junk man. It seems that some folks have gotten the idea that all of that random stuff must equate to some kind of valueContinue reading “Nothing to see here”

Things I know nothing about

I won’t bore you but the list is long. I used to think I had to be perceived as knowing things even when I didn’t. That facade was grueling to maintain and so easily pierced. Today, I enjoy saying, “I don’t know” or “That’s cool, tell me more about that” or “Beats me, what doContinue reading “Things I know nothing about”

The Facade of Competence

If you are experiencing difficulty connecting with your colleagues in a meaningful way, it’s possible that you are leading with your competence. It’s possible that your investment in looking like you know what you’re doing is getting in the way of your being in relationship with the people who can help you do what youContinue reading “The Facade of Competence”