Grandpa’s Onions

At grandpa’s house, when you want onion rings with your hamburger, you start by walking out to the garden and pulling one from the ground. The best kind of vacation – the best kind of break – is one that reminds you of the clarifying power of elemental, fundamental things. The adventure of a roadContinue reading “Grandpa’s Onions”

Just Because

When the highlight of your family outing is a full-group admiration of the mesmerizing qualities of large floating bubbles; and when that admiration turns into a spontaneous chase to capture, propel and pop those bubbles, all the while encouraging their maker to make another good batch, you remember the genius of children who don’t thinkContinue reading “Just Because”

A Week of Thanks: Day 7

I am thankful for my family. I am thankful for my family even though they agree that in the fictional scenario in which we are prevented from ever leaving our home again because of a cloud of toxic gas that has settled over our town, and must now rely only on a mysterious underground infrastructureContinue reading “A Week of Thanks: Day 7”

12 Words

We celebrated a life today. It was a remembrance worthy of the life she lived. It was whole, real, fully formed and fully experienced. It was gut wrenching. A father was humble. Sons were true. Sisters were emphatic. A niece was clear, and brave: “I was better when I was with her.” When we honorContinue reading “12 Words”

“No, my name is David.”

A knock at the door yesterday. I was upstairs and my wife was on the phone so we ignored it. But with a quick glance my wife noticed that the woman left a note for us. I retrieved the note, a request on the back of her business card to “Please call me.” On theContinue reading ““No, my name is David.””