Ambivalent About Change

If I ask you how you feel about change, and you give me your most honest response, my guess is that you will lead with ambivalence. It depends, you’ll say. What does it depend on? For starters, and maybe most importantly, it depends on whether or not the change is your idea. Nothing could beContinue reading “Ambivalent About Change”

The Boss

Lyft driver: You are a business person? Me: Yes. Driver: You are the boss? Me: No. Driver: When you came out I thought, “He is the boss.” Me: (knowing laugh) Is that because I look so serious? Driver: (kindly) No, no. Me: That’s ok. (In my head: It’s just the facade of competence and controlContinue reading “The Boss”

Leaders Go First

“…the most fundamental thing about leadership is to have the humility to continue to get feedback and to try to get better – because your job is to try to help everybody else get better.” Jim Yong Kim President, The World Bank As I was preparing to facilitate a meeting this week on strategies forContinue reading “Leaders Go First”

Change at the Margin

At the edges, not at the center. That’s where real change begins. We work from the outside in, a series of small but potent actions in service of our highest aspirations: small gatherings of like-minded colleagues marked by a commitment to knowing the people for who they are, not just by what they do, briefContinue reading “Change at the Margin”

Another Set of Eyes

You can’t take care of what you can’t see. Call it a blind spot, call it being too close to the problem, but with only your eyes – and the limits of your perspective and the strength of your bias – you’re going to miss some vital information. If you’re cleaning a bathroom mirror thatContinue reading “Another Set of Eyes”

Just Do Something

A friend once complained that since he didn’t have time to do his “full” workout he wasn’t going to bother going to the gym. He knew that a quick walk around the block would make him feel better – would be a good use of the time he did have – but his benchmark forContinue reading “Just Do Something”

What You Already Know

My coaching clients, regularly and repeatedly, react with the same kind of understated agreement when I share the feedback I have gathered from their peers and colleagues. What they learn is no surprise. They are, in fact, underwhelmed by the process because it confirms what they already know. The privilege of my work is toContinue reading “What You Already Know”