As of today…

This transitional, uncertain, ill-defined space, this space in which you find yourself as a result of a recent change, this space which has you feeling anxious, uncomfortable, longing for “normal,” this is your space, but only as of today. There are two things to remember about this space: It is not a permanent condition. ItContinue reading “As of today…”

Onward and Awkward

I gave a keynote speech yesterday on the topic of “Leading Change.” After my talk, an attendee approached me and shared that an old boss of his used to advise his team to keep moving “onward and awkward.” There is no change or learning or growth without the uncomfortable feelings that attend us into theContinue reading “Onward and Awkward”

The Timelessness of Feeling

There is an odd and unpredictable relationship between my iPhone and my car’s bluetooth receiver (cue, “First World Problem” music). Sometimes it just starts playing music that I haven’t told it to play. And this is surprising to me because I almost never play music in my car. I am a devoted podcast listener. IContinue reading “The Timelessness of Feeling”