#50 – Forgiveness

The Prodigal’s Mother Speaks to God {Allison Funk) When he returned a second time, the straps of his sandals broken, his robe stained with wine, it was not as easy to forgive. By then his father was long gone himself, leaving me with my other son, the sullen one whose anger is the instrument heContinue reading “#50 – Forgiveness”

Poem for a Sunday Morning

This week’s poem is the song Most of All by Brandi Carlile. I hadn’t heard of her until a friend showed me her epic performance of The Joke at this year’s Grammy Awards. I finally bought her most recent album – one that she describes as being about “radical forgiveness…an ugly but ultimately rewarding act” – encouraged that itContinue reading “Poem for a Sunday Morning”

Confirming Humanity

In further evidence of my idealism, or perhaps my (un)realism, I subscribed to another email newsletter, this one promising encouragement and inspiration for the transition from this year to next. Once I hit ‘subscribe’ I was taken to the “Confirming Humanity” page, that now familiar landing-place where the computers filter out other computers in favorContinue reading “Confirming Humanity”


You can’t do it. It’s impossible. Enough already. Please. Just. Stop. You cannot be perfect. You cannot be a perfect mother or father, son or daughter, girlfriend or boyfriend, boss or employee, colleague or collaborator, friend or teacher or innovator or anything…you just can’t. So, please stop expecting that of yourself. And stop expecting itContinue reading “Forgiveness”