What to Remember in the Middle of Change

Given that we’re always “in the middle of change,” a better title for this post might be simply, “What to Remember.” Here are three rules of thumb to keep in mind for when you find yourself feeling pressed, pressured, confined or constricted by the persistent discomfort of change: Lighten up. If you’re like me, inContinue reading “What to Remember in the Middle of Change”

Courage Begets Courage

Yesterday, I wrote about trying something new as the result of the shared support and accountability that can emerge between trusted friends. Having put myself “on the hook” I felt a strong obligation to them and to myself to follow through. What I didn’t share is that I am not the only of us toContinue reading “Courage Begets Courage”

Why You Should Tell Your Friends About Your Goals

During a “year in review/year ahead” conversation with two of my best and most trusted friends and advisors, I shared that one of my goals for 2019 is to regularly post video content on LinkedIn. That conversation was about three weeks ago and it’s been gnawing at me ever since. Having put it out there,Continue reading “Why You Should Tell Your Friends About Your Goals”

The Rhythm

I really appreciate it when friends share great stuff with me. Since this one is pretty great, I’m sharing it with you, too.  The Rhythm In any creative feat (by which I mean your work, your art, your life) There will be downtimes.   Or so it seems. Just as the earth is busy beforeContinue reading “The Rhythm”