Striding into Fall

“Fall is the older season, a more seasoned season. The weather surrounds you instead of beating down on you…The weather is lighter, marbled, and it makes you feel like striding again, makes you glad that so much works at all.” – Anne Lamott I am not a slow walker. Slow walking makes me crazy. IContinue reading “Striding into Fall”

The Rhythm

I really appreciate it when friends share great stuff with me. Since this one is pretty great, I’m sharing it with you, too.  The Rhythm In any creative feat (by which I mean your work, your art, your life) There will be downtimes.   Or so it seems. Just as the earth is busy beforeContinue reading “The Rhythm”

Harvest Time

A “volunteer” fig tree sprung up in our yard this summer. We left it alone, cautiously optimistic that we might get some fruit. It did not disappoint. We picked five or six ripe figs a day for a couple of weeks at the height of summer. The ones we didn’t pick the birds took careContinue reading “Harvest Time”