‘Essential’ is a Choice

Most of us don’t meet the government’s definition of “essential” when it comes to working the front lines of the response to the novel corona virus. Most of us, that is, are deemed “non-essential.” And we who are “non-essential” have been given a very short and manageable to-do list: wash your hands, stay at homeContinue reading “‘Essential’ is a Choice”

#5 – Speak Your Aspirations

This is #5 in the series, “50 Ideas Worth Fighting For” Declaring what you want requires courage. It takes a lot of vulnerability to name a goal, especially a big one. Once you do so, you’re on the hook to follow through, and that is the moment that separates fantasy from reality. And no oneContinue reading “#5 – Speak Your Aspirations”

Ask for Help

When my daughter was in grade school, she had a tough time raising her hand in class to ask for help. She felt insecure about being exposed as “not knowing” and as a result didn’t get the support she needed when she needed it. Once her teacher picked up on this pattern she suggested aContinue reading “Ask for Help”

Keep Showing Up

I have a few different “accountability” gatherings I participate in each month. “Accountability” isn’t a great word for them but it will have to do for now. These are individuals and small groups with whom I have established an intimate and trustworthy rapport and from whom I receive both the space and the grace toContinue reading “Keep Showing Up”

Help is on the way

Not only is help on the way, but it’s also surrounding us all the time. In my experience, to find out for sure, you just have to ask for it. Years ago, I longed to attend a leadership conference but the tuition was far greater than I could afford. I asked the organizers for aContinue reading “Help is on the way”

Learning to Ask For Help

Among the most important – and most difficult – realizations I had to contend with on my path to becoming a person is that of learning to ask for help. My life is littered with instances of persisting in a state of futility when engaging with someone else, sometimes something else, would have made the difficult thing anContinue reading “Learning to Ask For Help”

Help is Everywhere

Sometimes I over think things. Sometimes I miss the resources, the help that is available to me right here and go searching for answers when all I need to do is come to a stop and have a look around. Help is everywhere. I am reminded of this by the industrious opportunism of our residentContinue reading “Help is Everywhere”