50 Ideas Worth Fighting For

I am happy to share the complete list of my “50 Ideas Fighting For,” that concluded today. I trust that these perspectives will be a valuable resource for you – a spark to inquiry and to conversation – and that you will pass them along to others who might benefit. I am thankful for yourContinue reading “50 Ideas Worth Fighting For”

The End of the Beginning

Fifty days from today is Sunday, March 22. Assuming all goes as planned and I have the opportunity to write a post each day between now and then, that will be the day on which I publish #1,000. Between 2007 and 2015 I wrote more than 300 posts. The following year I selected my favoritesContinue reading “The End of the Beginning”

Which 15%?

I recently shared an idea with a group of 20 people. Three of those people affirmed and encouraged it. That’s 15%. Three of those people rejected it. That’s another 15%. I did not receive a response from the other 13 people, the remaining 70%. Now, the decision is mine: do I fixate on the 15%Continue reading “Which 15%?”

Waiting to be asked

The line of students was snaking from the front of the room, up the main aisle and out the back door. I wondered what they were all sticking around for. I was confused. Turns out, they were patiently waiting to sign a piece of paper – the one piece of paper I had provided –Continue reading “Waiting to be asked”

Willful Blindness

We see what we want to see in order to maintain our story of how things are. At every organization I visit, to every group of leaders I meet, I ask this question:¬†who are the best employees to ask about how the work in your company is going and how it might be improved? WithoutContinue reading “Willful Blindness”

How to Test Your Culture

If your company has a mission, vision and/or values and you are curious to find out if your employees are living them each day, there’s a simple way to find out. And for the purpose of this post let’s say that one of your company’s values is¬†integrity. To find out if integrity is practiced inContinue reading “How to Test Your Culture”