#34 – The Next Smallest Thing

At the conclusion of a speech last October, on my way out of the conference hall, the organizer of the  event said that he would be more than happy to provide a written reference for me to include on my web site. This week, I finally followed up with him and asked if the offerContinue reading “#34 – The Next Smallest Thing”


The higher you go, the more this is true, because the higher you go the less your job is about process and the more it is about people. The recipe for increased EQ (your emotional quotient or emotional intelligence) is a simple one, challenging but simple. It starts with self-awareness. Do you know yourself? DoContinue reading “EQ > IQ”

The Price of Leadership

Of all of the searing images in the news this week, the one I hope I never, ever forget is that of a passionate and prepared 16-year-old Swedish girl addressing the United Nations about the climate crisis. But it’s not just that she was there or what she said or how she said it. WhatContinue reading “The Price of Leadership”

10, 25, 45

I’m very interested in public speaking. I enjoy doing it and I enjoy listening to a great speaker. It’s a wonderful, even essential skill to develop for anyone who wants to have more influence, for those who wish to lead. To that end, for those aspiring to increase their influence through public speaking, I’d likeContinue reading “10, 25, 45”

Stone | Water | Throw

It’s easy to obsess about the impact of our efforts. It’s easy to wonder if it matters. It’s easy to get stuck in the cul-de-sac of frustrated idealism. That extra effort, that thoughtful gesture, that unplanned conversation, that slice of empathy, that pause to bite your tongue, that project you worked so hard on? DidContinue reading “Stone | Water | Throw”

Your Best Work

Your best work is the work that emerges from the use of your natural, cultivated and refined strengths. I have learned to be good at all kinds of things in my life. I have adapted myself to many scenarios and found an ability to become successful in ways I wouldn’t normally expect to be. IContinue reading “Your Best Work”

Make Work More Human

The following post was written by Renee Smith and first appeared on the Make Work More Human blog on 10/24/2017. In it, Renee explains the origins of the Make Work More Human movement which she leads as the Director of Workplace Transformation at ‘Results Washington’ for the State of Washington. I am posting it on my siteContinue reading “Make Work More Human”

Change One Word

Think about your job, your commitments, your responsibilities. Have all of that in mind? Now, say to yourself: “I have to do this.” Ok. How does that feel? Keep thinking about all of those things you do every day. Let’s replace one word and try it again. Say to yourself, “I get to do this.” What doContinue reading “Change One Word”