From the Outside In

Real change begins at the edges, never at the center. The center is dogmatic and certain. The edge is open and curious, the gateway to possibility. To work from the outside in for your team, your work group or even your family, you might consider a series of small but potent actions in service ofContinue reading “From the Outside In”

Always Bet On Yourself

You are not going to get picked. No one is going to tap you on the shoulder and say, “It’s your turn. Right this way, please.” There is no committee of “deciders” who will stumble upon your work, some fragment of your idea and fall so in love with it that they grant you permissionContinue reading “Always Bet On Yourself”

Don’t wait for your company to hire you a coach

When I started my company in 2013 my first leadership coaching client was an individual who paid for it out of his own pocket. He knew it was the right time and he was willing to make an investment in his learning. I was inspired by that commitment and it still inspires me any timeContinue reading “Don’t wait for your company to hire you a coach”

Back to School

I don’t love studying. I hate studying. I like learning. Learning is beautiful. – Natalie Portman – Today is the first day of classes at Cal State San Marcos where I am a lecturer in the College of Business. Seventeen thousand students will make their way to campus this week to re-engage with friends, fellowContinue reading “Back to School”

A Brief Sunday Homily: Two by Two

There is no entity – no organization, family, business or parish – that does not face the continuous call for reinvention, the relentless pressure of change. Human beings are incredibly resourceful when reacting to change. In the face of crises thrust upon us by unforeseen circumstances, we get focused, collaborative, creative and adaptive. Human beingsContinue reading “A Brief Sunday Homily: Two by Two”

Today, at work

Today, at work you can spend as much creativity, energy and initiative as you want. And if there is anything getting in your way of spending every last penny, today is a very good day to sort out why that is. My guess is that one of two things is true: 1. Your boss hasContinue reading “Today, at work”