Make Other People Powerful

This is what the best leaders do. They discover, with relentless curiosity, each team member’s sweet spot – what they are especially equipped to do – and then they create the conditions for them to do it freely and expansively. Like the arousing final lines in Hafiz’s great poem, the “beautiful rowdy prisoners” are atContinue reading “Make Other People Powerful”

The Consolation of Completion (Redux)

Some further thoughts on yesterday’s post, The Consolation of Completion: Many of our workplaces create an ethos of task completion and goal achievement at any cost. This habituation to the measurable allows us to feel good about ourselves at the end of the day but it fails to take into account the fact that most ofContinue reading “The Consolation of Completion (Redux)”

The Poetry of Management

As I set out to plan my Management 302 curriculum for the fall 2019 semester, I felt an urgency to treat the class as if it could as easily be taught in a humanities curriculum as in a business school. Management 302 is a required course for all non-management majors. That is to say, itContinue reading “The Poetry of Management”

The Agenda

The organizational agenda is to plan, execute, measure, quantify and produce. The human agenda is to love and be loved, to be seen, heard and understood. Organizations are populated, organized and led by humans. How can this be? We hide our deepest longing because it is abstract and seemingly, frighteningly unattainable. We acquiesce to, andContinue reading “The Agenda”

A Clarity of Purpose

My thinking and, more importantly, my feeling about organizational leadership and change has evolved in powerful and unexpected ways since I began working in the field in 2001 and writing about it on a regular basis in 2007. I have always attempted, if sometimes haltingly and ineffectively, to bring a humanistic and personal perspective to my writingContinue reading “A Clarity of Purpose”

You Have to Let Go

There is no version of going forward, of growing toward the next best version of your work, your relationships or your self that does not require letting go. Getting “there” requires letting go of your hard-earned beliefs about “here.” Those beliefs once served you well, now they only stand in your way. Let them go.Continue reading “You Have to Let Go”

Leading From the True Self

The purpose of the true self is to keep us honest about playing as big as we can, fully living into our particular gifts. It knows that when we do so we are healthier, happier, and more energetically and generously connected to both self and others. That’s why the true self scares us so much.Continue reading “Leading From the True Self”

This is it

Every day – and I mean every day – I spend some time thinking about and feeling the emotions related to the following: Some event or person in my past that hurt me or that I perceive as having hurt me. Concern/anxiety about the future. Will there be enough? Will I be able to provide? WillContinue reading “This is it”