Change or Progress?

What’s the difference? When we change something we make it different than it was. That difference may also be seen and felt as positive, depending on our point of view, but there is no certainty of an association between the two. Change is different but change is not necessarily better. If we make progress on somethingContinue reading “Change or Progress?”

Learning Starts with “Yes” (UPDATED)

When my youngest child learned that her older siblings had been featured in dad’s recent blog post she was not upset at being left out, just curious as to why she was not included. You see, she reminded me, just two weeks ago she started at a brand new school because over the summer herContinue reading “Learning Starts with “Yes” (UPDATED)”

Learning Starts with “Yes”

Two recent personal examples to illustrate the point: 1. My son is not the most skilled player on his soccer team. He is a great all-around athlete and years of recreation league soccer and only a seasonal interest in the game means that he has not developed the finer skills of ball control. He isContinue reading “Learning Starts with “Yes””

Blows to the Head

I was attempting to leave the school grounds after my daughter’s open house, vigorously pushing through one of those chain link fence gate-door things, expecting it to actually open like a door is supposed to, swinging widely so that I might pass through without the risk of harm to my head. It was not toContinue reading “Blows to the Head”

I am the kind of person who…

The Johari Window is a simple and clear model that reminds us that the best way to build trust and meaningful relationships is to share more of ourselves with those we wish to know. Because sharing more of ourselves typically works as a catalyst to others sharing more with us, pretty soon we build up a virtuousContinue reading “I am the kind of person who…”

Have you ever picked your nose?

We are all more human than otherwise. I was reminded of this in a somewhat gross and amusing way when I overheard my wife reading a book to one of my daughters. The story is about a boy, Marvin, who is ruthlessly picked on by his classmates for being a nose picker. When his parentsContinue reading “Have you ever picked your nose?”

Be Bigger

Not magnanimous. Not even sacrificial. Just bigger. I had an experience this weekend that left me startled by just how small people can sometimes be. It was nothing earth shattering or insurmountable, nothing that put anyone or anything in harm’s way, but it was the kind of smallness that, if experienced too often would easilyContinue reading “Be Bigger”

Don’t Bite the Hook

Lately I have found myself collecting what I consider to be more meaningful and useful drive time material. This is, in part, thanks to a great blog post by Seth Godin, Can an audiobook change your life?, in which he relates the impact of listening to really useful non-fiction as a source of inspiration, motivationContinue reading “Don’t Bite the Hook”


I am the father of a 13-year-old son and lately it’s been a little rough. He is in the early stages of a developmental period that is referred to in psychological circles as the “second individuation.” The first “individuation” commonly happens at about 5 years old when boys work hard to separate from “mommy” andContinue reading “Connection”

The Long Way Home

Broadway Street in San Francisco runs east and west from The Embarcadero to the Cow Hollow district on the edge of the Presidio. As with most streets in this part of town it varies from moderately sloped to severely steep. It is so steep in one section, and in such a central part of town,Continue reading “The Long Way Home”