Meditation: Week Two

Last week I wrote about my first week following a guided meditation series led by Deepak Chopra. The fact that I am writing about my experience after week two is testament to the quality of the experience and to my own resolve to complete the “21-day challenge.” It’s more than a challenge now. It’s something I am eager, ifContinue reading “Meditation: Week Two”

(Servant) Leadership Defined

This is not only a beautifully articulated definition of Servant Leadership but a clear and direct definition of “leadership,” period. Servant Leadership is a smart leadership approach with a moral imperative to lead for the sake of others. Great leaders model behaviors that equip and inspire others toward individual and community greatness. They do notContinue reading “(Servant) Leadership Defined”

“Rules for Art” Repurposed

I attended my daughter’s 3rd grade Open House tonight. I learned about the “Rules for Art.” It seems to be a pretty good list for leaders as well: 1. See that no one is perfect. Deal with that. Find their strengths and creatively put them to work in service of the clear and compelling causeContinue reading ““Rules for Art” Repurposed”

Meditation: Week One

It is said that meditation rewires the brain. I assume they mean for the better but one can never be sure about these things. What I do know is that Deepak Chopra has the greatest guided meditation voice ever. I am one-week into his 21-day “Meditation Challenge” called “Creating Abundance” and his voice alone isContinue reading “Meditation: Week One”

An Unstructured Life

I’ve been self-employed for two weeks now so clearly it’s time to share my wisdom from the experience thus far. Here’s what I’ve got: Structure matters. Going to an office everyday has all kinds of advantages but foremost among them is the structure it provides. You’ve got to get there which requires the structure ofContinue reading “An Unstructured Life”

The Stormy Present

“The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present. The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise with the occasion. As our case is new, so must we think anew, and act anew.” Abraham Lincoln – December 1, 1862 “When times seem uncertain, we instinctively become more conservative; weContinue reading “The Stormy Present”

The Child Inside

At the invitation of Dr. Bennett Cherry I had the opportunity this week to speak to both sections of his “Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship” class at Cal State San Marcos. Dr. Cherry (@edgentrepreneur on Twitter) is an engaging  and natural teacher who aspires to both support and witness his student’s achievement in bringing new ideas toContinue reading “The Child Inside”

Stranger in a Strange Land

“Traveller, the path is your tracks And nothing more. Traveller, there is no path The path is made by walking. By walking you make a path And turning, you look back At a way you will never tread again Traveller, there is no road Only wakes in the sea.” Antonio Machado Being in transition feelsContinue reading “Stranger in a Strange Land”

Labor Day

“Work isn’t to make money. You work to justify life” ~ Marc Chagall ~   When I was 17 years old I knew exactly what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I just didn’t know that it was possible to apply what came naturally to me to a formal educational andContinue reading “Labor Day”