#7 – Get Moving

This is #7 in the series, “50 Ideas Worth Fighting For.” I feel an energized anticipation when I am getting ready to move. I feel engaged – challenged, curious, motivated – when I am in motion. I feel rejuvenated, refreshed, stimulated, creative, purposeful, accomplished, and unstoppable when I return and come to rest again. SomeContinue reading “#7 – Get Moving”

Life is always there

Sometimes it is small and just barely there. Sometimes it grows out of nothing into something. Sometimes it’s in the middle of the path. Sometimes we notice it and sometimes we don’t. Life is always there, it is always happening. It is among the greatest disciplines we can practice, that of expecting to encounter lifeContinue reading “Life is always there”

Optimal Conditions for Growth

As leaders learn to see themselves as planters and cultivators, they will grow increasingly well attuned to the optimal conditions for growth: Container: the supportive container for your team members is the thoughtfully defined scope of their work. It is appropriately sized to their role, experience and your expectations. It is adjusted based on progress,Continue reading “Optimal Conditions for Growth”

Not Just Yet

In fireworks as in life it’s best to remember that a whole lot happens before the grand finale. While you’re worrying about how to navigate the crowd to get back to the car a lot of good stuff is going on. The end will always find us. And it may be beautiful and powerful evidenceContinue reading “Not Just Yet”