#17 – Root for other people’s success

This is #17 in the series, “50 Ideas Worth Fighting For.” Here’s another one that I like a lot. Have you felt the twinge, maybe even the jolt of resentment, jealousy, frustration, or anger when someone else, usually a close friend or family member, breaks through to a new level of success? Have you slunkContinue reading “#17 – Root for other people’s success”

And we also got lucky

When you listen to a business leader describe their company’s success you will inevitably hear them discuss the clarity of their strategies and the quality of their execution. What you rarely hear them say is that they were also lucky and, by extension, opportunistic. The fundamental attribution error of success in business is the beliefContinue reading “And we also got lucky”

A little more risk, a lot more luck

Here’s a little inspiration for your Monday: Years ago, just starting out in my business as a leadership coach and organizational consultant, I decided to market myself by doing a bunch of pro bono speaking engagements. Organizations like Rotary Club always need speakers and this newly minted “freelancer” needed the practice. On one occasion IContinue reading “A little more risk, a lot more luck”