The Poetry of Management

As I set out to plan my Management 302 curriculum for the fall 2019 semester, I felt an urgency to treat the class as if it could as easily be taught in a humanities curriculum as in a business school. Management 302 is a required course for all non-management majors. That is to say, itContinue reading “The Poetry of Management”

Make Work More Human

The following post was written by Renee Smith and first appeared on the Make Work More Human blog on 10/24/2017. In it, Renee explains the origins of the Make Work More Human movement which she leads as the Director of Workplace Transformation at ‘Results Washington’ for the State of Washington. I am posting it on my siteContinue reading “Make Work More Human”

Why do you talk to employees?

According to a participant in a class I led recently there are three reasons to talk to employees: They are not getting their job done. They are preventing others from getting their job done. They broke the rules. The participant shared that they picked up this rule of thumb in a management training class theyContinue reading “Why do you talk to employees?”