To Forget Oneself in Loving

“Fully alive people learn to go out of themselves in genuine caring and concern for others.” – John Powell, S.J. Today, I continue to explore John Powell’s “five essential steps into the fullness of life.” Part 3: To Forget Oneself in Loving You can’t love somebody wholeheartedly if you don’t love yourself. I did notContinue reading “To Forget Oneself in Loving”


I don’t pause often enough to reflect on, much less comment about, the importance of my marriage to the success of my business or, more importantly, the success of my life. While “success” is a subjective term, Theresa and I have done and will continue to do the work that helps us to live upContinue reading “Partnership”

One Beam of Light

I think it’s extraordinary that even the smallest light can illuminate the darkest space. Consider that for a moment: no matter how dark it is, if you have one ray, one beam of light, you can see. And once you can see, you can act. And once you can act you are steps away fromContinue reading “One Beam of Light”

Something funny

One afternoon last spring, while waiting for class to begin, I clicked on a list of “stupid clean jokes.”  Somewhere mid-list I came across one – see below – that made me laugh out loud, and which kept me laughing for a while. I was so taken with it that I sent it to myContinue reading “Something funny”