Small Moves: 100 Days of Connection

“Because it is familiar a thing remains unknown.” Hegel There is a powerful moment at the beginning of the movie “Contact” when young Ellie is calling out on her shortwave radio. She is trying to find someone, anyone, who might be listening on the same frequency. As her frustration grows her dad implores her, “SmallContinue reading “Small Moves: 100 Days of Connection”


“You do know, don’t you, that the people you are most threatened by are invariably just like you?” – Richard Rohr –  I met a friend near the beach yesterday afternoon. We planned to sit and have some conversation, opting not for the coffee shop but for an ocean view. It was low tide andContinue reading “Others”

The person in front of you right now is the most important person in the world

At a speaking engagement recently I met a man who is almost completely deaf. He told me that the most important leadership quality is the ability to listen. Coming from anyone else this would seem to be an obvious statement, almost a cliché. For him, it is not. He expressed to me that even withContinue reading “The person in front of you right now is the most important person in the world”

Connection: Some Questions, Thoughts and Stories

“We have become postgraduates in the art of acquaintance and paupers in the art of friendship.” John O’donohue The Dunbar Number – approximately 150 – is “the number of people you can have a relationship with involving trust and obligation – there’s some personal history, not just names and faces.”  A Facebook “friend,” a personContinue reading “Connection: Some Questions, Thoughts and Stories”

I am the kind of person who…

The Johari Window is a simple and clear model that reminds us that the best way to build trust and meaningful relationships is to share more of ourselves with those we wish to know. Because sharing more of ourselves typically works as a catalyst to others sharing more with us, pretty soon we build up a virtuousContinue reading “I am the kind of person who…”