I keep a book by the bedside called “The Way It Is: New and Collected Poems” by William Stafford. I pick it up when I want to feel more grounded. I pick it up when I need the consolation of plainspoken sensibility. More often than not that consolation comes from a return visit to thisContinue reading “Consolation”

That Time, Again

I’m a little over a month into this very specific morning ritual: 1. Wake up! (No email. Very important!) 2. Light a candle as a focal point for my experience. 3. Ten minutes of what I will loosely call “movement” – a series of Qigong exercises to wake up my body and brain. 4. FiveContinue reading “That Time, Again”

Meditation: Week Three (Belated)

I completed Deepak Chopra‘s 21-day meditation challenge about a month ago. As I chronicled in two earlier posts, it was an affirming, useful, challenging and compelling exercise. I debunked my personal myth about meditation, proving to myself that I could do it and, more than that, experiencing the benefits of holding a guiding thought withContinue reading “Meditation: Week Three (Belated)”

Meditation: Week Two

Last week I wrote about my first week following a guided meditation series led by Deepak Chopra. The fact that I am writing about my experience after week two is testament to the quality of the experience and to my own resolve to complete the “21-day challenge.” It’s more than a challenge now. It’s something I am eager, ifContinue reading “Meditation: Week Two”