Hang Out With People Who Make You Better

I first played racquetball in high school and loved it right away. It’s intense, fast, highly competitive and an incredible workout. Less than a year later, not too far into my first semester of college, I befriended a guy who mentioned that he played racquetball and that there were courts on campus just a shortContinue reading “Hang Out With People Who Make You Better”

A Week of Thanks: Day 2

I am thankful for my work. My day job allows me to interact with thoughtful professionals – leaders and team members – who are curious, energetic and determined. They are people who want to do good work for a cause they believe in. They want to learn and grow, challenging themselves to get better inContinue reading “A Week of Thanks: Day 2”

On whose example do you model your leadership?

A writer I admire said that the way to find one’s own voice as a writer is to imitate other writers. He said that by imitating them you allow yourself to write more freely because you have a model to follow rather than feeling the pressure to be an original voice. Because, of course, youContinue reading “On whose example do you model your leadership?”

Do the Work

“You can’t microwave emotional intelligence.” – Chip Conley, author of Wisdom at Work There is no “fast forward” button. There is no shortcut, no “work around,” no Cliff’s Notes. You have to do the work. And there is a hierarchy that can be learned, can even be mastered, but only over time and through experience, persistence, patienceContinue reading “Do the Work”

Keep on hand for one of those low days

I cleaned out some old files the other day and came across this note from an early mentor, Dr. Ralph Spiegl.  A longtime family friend, Ralph was a warm, encouraging voice during my high school years and I was incredibly lucky to get to know and learn from a person of his caliber. The fact that heContinue reading “Keep on hand for one of those low days”