Life is always there

Sometimes it is small and just barely there. Sometimes it grows out of nothing into something. Sometimes it’s in the middle of the path. Sometimes we notice it and sometimes we don’t. Life is always there, it is always happening. It is among the greatest disciplines we can practice, that of expecting to encounter lifeContinue reading “Life is always there”


The way I’d like to go on living in this world wouldn’t hurt anything, I’d just go on walking uphill and downhill, looking around, and so what if half the time I don’t know what for — {Mary Oliver, excerpt from “1945-1985: Poem for the Anniversary” from Dream Work} Maybe today a little more wandering, a little less doing.Continue reading “Invitation”

The Afterglow

There’s always a day after the big event or celebration. That day usually includes a heavy dose of afterglow; what we did, how we did it, what it meant, what we think. That day can also be thought of as “today,” with a heavy dose of right now; what we will do, how and why.Continue reading “The Afterglow”