#25 – Take Responsibility for Your Learning

This is #25 in the series, “50 Ideas Worth Fighting For.” Here’s another good one. Jia Jang is inspiring. He feared rejection so much that he decided to pursue it directly with the hope that he would learn to respond to it more positively and more productively. He recounts his “100 Day Rejection Challenge” in aContinue reading “#25 – Take Responsibility for Your Learning”

It’s Just a Decision

Whatever it is you “have” to do today, this week, please remember this: you don’t have to do it. You get to do it. “You get to do it” can feel impossible to accept when we’re not feeling up to it, when we’re distracted by what else might be available to us. But right now,Continue reading “It’s Just a Decision”

Change One Word

Think about your job, your commitments, your responsibilities. Have all of that in mind? Now, say to yourself: “I have to do this.” Ok. How does that feel? Keep thinking about all of those things you do every day. Let’s replace one word and try it again. Say to yourself, “I get to do this.” What doContinue reading “Change One Word”