Be the Drop in the Ocean

“Let’s instead remember that the people in our daily lives are hurting too. Comfort comes in many forms, some of them small moments of kindness. Mother Teresa said, ‘We know only too well that what we are doing is nothing more than a drop in the ocean. But if the drop were not there, the oceanContinue reading “Be the Drop in the Ocean”

The Importance of Local

When I focus too much of my attention on global, national and even regional issues I am left feeling negative, overwhelmed and sometimes even heartbroken. When I focus more of attention on my local community, especially those sub-communities of which I am a part – family, church, workplace, client organizations – I feel challenged, energized,Continue reading “The Importance of Local”

They Didn’t Hear You

That time you made the big announcement about the big change? They didn’t hear you. That time you introduced the new approach to the new opportunity? They didn’t hear you. That time you made it clear that the thing that went wrong wouldn’t go wrong again? They didn’t hear you. Everything – EVERYTHING – mustContinue reading “They Didn’t Hear You”

Not Just Yet

In fireworks as in life it’s best to remember that a whole lot happens before the grand finale. While you’re worrying about how to navigate the crowd to get back to the car a lot of good stuff is going on. The end will always find us. And it may be beautiful and powerful evidenceContinue reading “Not Just Yet”