Truth and Consolation

Everything in the first list is true. Everything in the second list is also true. TRUTH Life is hard.* You are not important. Your life is not about you. You are not in control. You are going to die CONSOLATION Yes, it’s hard. It’s also joyful and magnificent. Which do you choose to focus on?Continue reading “Truth and Consolation”

#16 – You’ve Got it Better Than You Think

This is #16 in the series, “50 Ideas Worth Fighting For.” Here’s another one that I like a lot. I can’t remember when it was and I can’t remember who said it but the idea they expressed has served me well every time I’ve allowed my (mostly) “1st world problems” to get me down. ItContinue reading “#16 – You’ve Got it Better Than You Think”

Not Done Yet

I’m not done yet. I’m not done becoming, growing, learning, discovering, adventuring. I’m not done becoming myself. I’m not done because there is no such thing. All together now: there is no such thing as being “done.” This is an unnerving, even frightening idea and it’s also an exhilarating one. It’s both unnerving and exhilarating becauseContinue reading “Not Done Yet”

What to Say

The next time you are asked to give career advice to a young professional, please just provide them with this quote by the late, great James Michener: “We all worry about wasting time, about the years sliding past, about what we intend to do with our lives. We shouldn’t, for there is a divine irrelevanceContinue reading “What to Say”


“We have no empirical evidence that being more serious leads to greater insight into the human condition than being playful. There is, however, growing empirical evidence that being playful opens toward the ever-elusive, supple heart.” – John Paul Lederach There is only one thing I miss…that I truly miss…from going to work every day atContinue reading “Playful”

The Same, but Different

It’s easy to forget that my perspective on the matter is not the only one, not the only possible interpretation. The same thing, seen in another way, from another angle, from a different set of eyes and experiences, can and likely will form a different impression. The intersection of those two points of view isContinue reading “The Same, but Different”

Your Busy Heart

Take your busy heart to the art museum and the  chamber of commerce  but take it also to the forest.  The song you heard singing in the leaf when you  were a child  is singing still.  I am of years lived, so far, seventy-four,  and the leaf is singing still. ~ from What Can I Say,Continue reading “Your Busy Heart”

This is a Season

This is a season, not a permanent condition. Just because the sewage pipe split due to 25 years of attack from palm tree roots and allowed waste to flow backwards into our downstairs bathtub last spring; And just because both the heater and air conditioning had to be replaced this summer; And just because ourContinue reading “This is a Season”

Another Set of Eyes

You can’t take care of what you can’t see. Call it a blind spot, call it being too close to the problem, but with only your eyes – and the limits of your perspective and the strength of your bias – you’re going to miss some vital information. If you’re cleaning a bathroom mirror thatContinue reading “Another Set of Eyes”