How to Practice / How to Lead

I asked my piano teacher to help me create a practice plan. I have noticed that each day when I sit at the piano, after a few warm-up exercises, I find myself uncertain how to make the most of the time. I bounce around from this exercise to that song, from this chord pattern toContinue reading “How to Practice / How to Lead”

Make it Real

“What’s a next step?” is the question that makes the plan real. I knew I wanted to become a capable and confident speaker in my field. I knew I wanted opportunities to speak on leadership and change and the kind of organizational cultures that never stop learning how to be better at both. I wantedContinue reading “Make it Real”

You Won’t Know Until You Start

“No battle plan survives first contact with the enemy.” {Helmuth von Moltke} I am a self-admitting and self-avowed starter of things. For good and bad, I have always been a catalyst. Once begun, the planning and sustaining need to belong to someone else, if what’s been started is going to survive. What I know fromContinue reading “You Won’t Know Until You Start”