#1 – Read More Poetry

Between now and March 22, I am happy to share “50 Ideas Worth Fighting For.” “Poetry is language against which we have no defenses.” {David Whyte} Do you know that feeling, that feeling of something being so overwhelmingly right and clear that you have no words to describe it? That’s what poetry’s for. Do youContinue reading “#1 – Read More Poetry”

Poem for a Sunday Morning

Dear Mona {Naomi Shihab Nye} Dear Mona, do you know how your old stucco building marks the spot of Something True? Your hand-lettered red sign rises up like a crooked, friendly flag. I can guess the menu: bean & cheese, potato & egg, maybe a specialty of your own making, avocado twist or smoky salsa.Continue reading “Poem for a Sunday Morning”

Poems for a Sunday Morning

Three short poems by Bill Knott. WRONG I wish to be misunderstood; that is, to be understood from your perspective. FOOTNOTE All of us who lived on Earth and all our loves and wars may not appear at all in the moon’s memoirs. QUICKIE Poetry is like sex on quicksand ergo foreplay should be keptContinue reading “Poems for a Sunday Morning”