#32 – What Power is For

The purpose of power – at its highest and most noble application – is to make other people powerful. At a material level, solar power is a great example of how this works. The panels on our home convert the sun’s rays into energy that is brought back inside in the form of electricity. WeContinue reading “#32 – What Power is For”

Quiet Power

When the power went off unexpectedly today, the washer and dryer stopped, the dishwasher cut short its cycle and the lights clicked off. The TV and its attachments were disabled, and there would be no charging of phones or computers for over four hours. Dinner plans were made, “Plan A” if the oven was functional,Continue reading “Quiet Power”

Smooth Power

“In general, you can lead people (only) as far as you have gone. Transformed people transform people.” – adapted from Richard Rohr During the World SeriesĀ game on Friday night a commentator said that a pitcher was forcing his power instead of relying on his mechanics to produce smooth power. This reminded me of the differenceContinue reading “Smooth Power”